The Foundry Gallery welcome the artist Christabel Blackburn who will be temporarily using the gallery space.

christabel blackburn:

recent paintings

22 - 28 april 2016  |  10-5


    CONCRETE, 2015  |  Oil on Panel  | 20x20cm

In her latest solo exhibition, artist Christabel Blackburn explores our modern relationship with technology. With photographic stillness, Blackburn’s paintings capture moments of everyday life so often experienced through a smartphone, from deserted street scenes to a lone figure in an art gallery. Christabel Blackburn: Recent Paintings deals with the contemporary culture of ‘everybody is a photographer’ and how easy it has become to instantaneously enhance images, visually manipulating the world around us. Light plays a vital role in these paintings, adding to the mystery and stillness and it’s this timeless quality Blackburn projects in her architectural work, bringing the concrete to life with a human-like quality. – Christabel Blackburn, 2016   |  |  instagram: christabelblackburnart