The Foundry Gallery exhibit contemporary art that explores relationships between art and architecture. Established as part of Le Lay Architects; who reside downstairs, the gallery forms the foundation of the practices research into how architectural ideas are conceived and how people engage with buildings and structures.

As a gallery, we do not represent artists but rather each year we select three artists through application for a gallery funded exhibition for a new body of work or a development of current work which fits our philosophy. Not bound to an artistic ‘house’ style we have shown a wide range of art work informed by contemporary artistic practice, across multi-disciplines. We spend up to a year working collaboratively with an artist, contributing a supportive framework in which to explore their working practice. 

Top Left: Jason Slocombe  |  Top Right: Jonathan Goode  |   Bottom: Le Lay Architects

Elizabeth is a member of The Museums Association. 



Our gallery program also consists of us hiring out the gallery space which can be used for events or exhibitions by artists, gallerists and curators who are looking for a gallery space to rent in the heart of Chelsea, London.

This income allows us to fund our projects with artists. The Foundry Gallery is proud to continue the artistic and working relationship with the artist long after the de-installation of the exhibition.




The Foundry Gallery was conceived by Jason Slocombe and Jonathan Goode of Le Lay Architects are influenced by our work on historic buildings and this experience underpins our approach to contemporary design. Our research allows us to understand the culture and tradition of built form and how it is embedded within the fabric of the building. The principles of architectural stewardship are very much contemporary issues and form the basis of our approach to sustainability. We believe that the creative process is a reconciliation between opposites, a balance between forms. Our desire for modern design tempered by our love of the past. We strive to create architecture that is simple, elegant, ordered, and beautiful. 


Gallery Director:

Elizabeth Goode has been the curator and gallery director of The Foundry Gallery for the past 6 years under which it has become an established gallery on the London Art Scene. Elizabeth comes from a practical fine art background with a Fine Art degree and an MA in Printmaking from UAL, Camberwell. Using her background as an artist and 7 years experience as a Fine Art lecturer she develops a working relationship with artists helping them further develop their artwork for up to a year before their exhibition. Elizabeth has worked freelance for other galleries in the research, development and project management of art projects and exhibitions. Her art work has been published in international newspapers, magazines and websites and she has written articles for Design Exchange Magazine.