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  Facial Recognition, 2017

Facial Recognition, 2017

21st September - 9th November 2018

Monday to Friday 10-5pm | By appointment

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“Play is the base of every truly creative art expression.” James Johnson Sweeney
“The designer of today re-establishes the long-lost contact between art and the public, between living people and art as a living thing.” Bruno Munari

The British artist and designer Mark McClure’s artwork stems from the urban landscape and representations of the built environment, from buildings and structures to lines on the road, the visual language we unconsciously absorb on a daily basis. McClure comes from a background in visual and graphic design and within his practice he successfully straddles disciplines and media his work is abstract in style with bold lines, sharp angles and strong colour palettes reminiscent of the English Vorticists. Through his multi-disciplinary practice, McClure is investigating what constitutes a painting or sculpture and how the artist can re-establish the lost contact between art and society.

Working alongside architects, public art bodies and interior designers McClure creates artworks that explore themes of structure, public spaces and our interaction with the built environment - from bespoke interiors to huge public art works on the sides of buildings and structures from Beirut to London. He introduces a sense of fun and play, inviting us to interact with the monotonous urban background of our daily surroundings.

On entering the gallery, you are met with a site-specific installation. McClure has constructed and built this artwork by playing intuitively with numerous painted shards of wood. Its non-objective composition and its pared down geometry takes an ordinary material and fills the space in a way that challenges our perception of the gallery space, it’s perspective and its function, interacting with the very fabric of the gallery in what can be seen as a playful approach to sculpting.

One of McClure's key interests is the idea of how we interact with artwork in galleries. His three-dimensional wall sculptures invite us to engage and interact with them. These works are multi-faceted, on the surface they appear as static pieces but on closer inspection we are encouraged to touch and play with them. His experimentation with materials has allowed him to create immersive artworks that push the boundaries of how people view and interact with art. Modernist style mosaics splinter before your eyes, laser cut from sheets of plywood the shapes are painted and reconstructed playfully into a two-dimensional picture plane. These dynamic paintings are not only concerned with the formal elements of line, shape and colour but their pure abstraction is suggestive of works by the Cubist Picabia and Bauhaus pioneer Moholy-Nagy.

In this his first gallery exhibition in London, Mark McClure has filled the gallery with playful artworks that challenge our very perception of the gallery space, its perspective and its function. McClure moves fluidly and confidently between fine and applied art - blurring the lines between art, design and functionality in his pursuit to reestablish arts relationship to society and reintroducing the notion that “play is the base of every truly creative art expression.” James Johnson Sweeney

Mark McClure Studio embraces bespoke surface design alongside public art, sculpture and gallery works. He has exhibited widely both in the UK and Internationally. With a background in visual design and working with wood, paint and other materials, Mark collaborates with interior designers, architects and public bodies to bring the bold, geometric works to both private and public spaces in the form of wooden feature walls, murals, 3D installations and commissioned artworks.
"Abstract" Jealous Gallery, London 2018 | "A Journey Through Brutalism" Rise Gallery, London 2018 | "Fractions" Look Up Editions, London 2017 | "In Depth" Unit 5, London 2017 | "Chroma Form" Well Hung, London 2016 | "The Lines We Cross" AdHocpad, Vienna 2016 | "Beyond The Pale" Hoxton Gallery, London 2016
2018 - Commissioned mural on outer wall of Brigstock Refugee Centre, Thornton Heath, London
2018 - Commissioned Mural on all outer walls at Locus Creative Hub, Walthamstow, London
2018 - Painted mural in communal areas at Thamesmead Estate, London with Peabody trust and Levitt Bernstein.
2017 - "Surface" Site-specific installation at Morgan Furniture Showroom, London. Part of Clerkenwell Design Week