THE FOUNDRY GALLERY   (c) Piotr Sgilaski 

           THE FOUNDRY GALLERY   (c) Piotr Sgilaski 

The Foundry Gallery is a Gallery and Contemporary Art space in the heart of Chelsea, London established in 2010 by Jonathan Goode and Jason Slocombe of Le Lay Architects.

The Foundry Gallery is dedicated to working with emerging Artists and forging collaborative responses between Art and Architecture with an overriding commitment to making their creative vision happen exhibiting a wide range of work informed by contemporary artistic practice, across multi-disciplines: from the traditional to the experimental. 

In collaboration with the Artist, The Foundry Gallery support the development of new work where the integrity of their core ideas are protected, acting as a catalyst, giving the Artist the freedom to explore their existing and new ideas. This enables them to produce exciting work, giving them the opportunity to examine their own practice and move their career forward. Above all they support the making of new Art. Their exhibition program also consists of shows by more established Artists, Galleries and Curators who share the philosophies of The Foundry Gallery.

The Foundry Gallery hope to provide the chance for Artists to exhibit and sell their work within a supportive and encouraging environment within the heart of London's Chelsea. 

The gallery is directed by Elizabeth Goode who is a member of the Association of Women Art Dealers and is proudly supported by Le Lay Architects.

foundry portrait 1.jpg

Jason Slocombe and Jonathan Goode of Le Lay Architects with Elizabeth Goode

(C) Sarah Howe, 2013

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth comes from a practical Fine Art background with a degree in Fine Art and an MA in Printmaking from the University of the Arts London. She has worked extensively within Art education, and she strongly believes her role as a gallery director and curator is not only to arrange and realise an exhibition but to work closely with Artists in developing their work. She allows them to realise their ideas and to explore the possibilities of exhibiting Contemporary Fine Art and Photography. Elizabeth believes it is essential to give the viewer the opportunities and space to look, contemplate and ask their own questions about Contemporary Fine Art. Elizabeth is a member of the Association of Women Art Dealers and The Museums Association.