24 April - 17 May 2014

Monday to Friday  10am- 5pm  |  Saturday  10am - 1.30pm  |  Sunday  2pm- 5.30pm

Down at the Docks, 2013

Sandra Higgins Fine Art presents the debut solo show of paintings and collages by the artist and architect Tom Pike. 

Tom Pike is both an architect and artist and his debut London exhibition reveals a blend of all his talents. His influences come from working with international designer John Stefanidis, architect and artist Sir Hugh Casson, artists Jackson Pollock and Jasper Johns, and from developing his own private practice over many years for a glittering client list. Throughout his career, Pike has become fascinated by the creative process itself which often changes direction during the evolution of a project. As a result his exhibition is entitled Incidents and Accidents and consists of arresting abstract collages and paintings characterised by bursts of energy, multiple linear forms, varied moods and rich texture and colour.