PRIVATE VIEW: 20 APRIL 2017  |  6.30 - 9.OOpm

London is a a city that is constantly undergoing change and renovation, it is one of the biggest building sites in Europe. Lucy's screen prints allow us the opportunity to pause and reflect; on our place in the city and  the way in which the architecture impacts on our life. We witness moments that might ordinarily be missed, practice being still.

Using photography as a starting point, Lucy captures the London skyline; architectural structures, refections of a building in a window. Digitally manipulating the images, the detail is stripped out, the bare bones are left behind leaving the image barely recognisable. 

The nature of the artistic process means that each print is slightly different due to the nature in which the artworks are made  Each of the prints are made by screen printing onto graphite dust, then each one is hand drawn onto with pen and screen printed over. 




September 14