• The Foundry Gallery 39 Old Church Street London, England, SW3 5BS United Kingdom

PRIVATE VIEW: 14 SEPTEMBER 2017 6.30 | 9.00pm

Alex Evans’ obsessively hand drawn geometric shapes and complex patterns manipulate established traditions of mathematical space in order to depict hybrid architectural biological systems and topologies of the imagined city.

Informed by twentieth century architectural and urban planning theories and inspired by recurring fractal configurations in nature, the resulting collection of painstakingly intricate pen and ink drawings deploy an illusory sense of scale and an unreal interplay between dimensions to manifest pristine graphic cityscapes as dense miniature networks of imagination and potentiality. 

ABOUT ALEX EVANS: Alex originally trained for a BA in Drama at The University of Hull and and MA in Visual Language of Performance at Wimbledon School of Art.  His work has been exhibited nationally in galleries including MK Gallery, Art16 and the Anise Gallery.  His award-winning international projects include multi-disciplinary collaborations and residencies in Australia, Japan, the Maldives and across Europe.  He lives and works in London.



November 24