Nov 2


  • The Foundry Gallery

PRIVATE VIEW: 14 SEPTEMBER 2017 6.30 | 9.00pm

Alex Evans’ obsessively hand drawn geometric shapes and complex patterns manipulate established traditions of mathematical space in order to depict hybrid architectural biological systems and topologies of the imagined city.

Informed by twentieth century architectural and urban planning theories and inspired by recurring fractal configurations in nature, the resulting collection of painstakingly intricate pen and ink drawings deploy an illusory sense of scale and an unreal interplay between dimensions to manifest pristine graphic cityscapes as dense miniature networks of imagination and potentiality. 

ABOUT ALEX EVANS: Alex originally trained for a BA in Drama at The University of Hull and and MA in Visual Language of Performance at Wimbledon School of Art.  His work has been exhibited nationally in galleries including MK Gallery, Art16 and the Anise Gallery.  His award-winning international projects include multi-disciplinary collaborations and residencies in Australia, Japan, the Maldives and across Europe.  He lives and works in London.



Jan 12


  • The Foundry Gallery

Laura Scott's practice is an investigation of form; an exploration of balance between positive and negative space, presence and absence. She works in groups or series, each exploring a set of shapes that differs slightly from the last. Each series is a systematic exploration of the combinations and compositions that can be created within self-imposed parameters. 

Scott's upcoming exhibition is an exploration of ‘possibilities from limitations’ using just one geometric shape as the starting point. Drawing on principals from Minimalist Architecture, this work uses a basic geometric form, simple materials and repetition to represent a sense of order. 

The exhibition will be sponsored by:

  • Capital Models for the laser cutting of the MDF components
  • Siecle Paint for the selected colour palette
  • GF Smith for paper



Apr 13


  • The Foundry Gallery

Tooney Phillips works in a variety of materials and ways of working. For her exhibition at The Foundry Gallery in early 2018 she will be continuing and developing her body of work based on a quarry in Provence, France. 

Tooney Phillips studied Fine Art at City and Guilds of London Art School (2008 -10) where she was awarded the Norman Ackroyd Prize for Etching (2010) and the Harriet Anstruther MA Prize for Artistic Excellence (2010). 

She had previously studied Architecture at Manchester University (1987-90), and The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL (1992-4) and qualified as an architect in 2001. She is also a director of MPH Architects (London and Eton). 

Jul 2


  • The Foundry Gallery

Using black ink, anthracite charcoals and thin washes of fresh, dancing colour, François Pont’s engravings/paintings offer a sense of space and rhythm in the landscape – valleys, mountains, lagoons, crossings, openings, passages and regeneration.

Several years ago, whilst on a residency in Berlin, François discovered the urban wastelands. These uncultivated patches, in the heart of the city, are spaces of freedom for weeds that arise without conditioning.  They are a beautiful metaphor for what will be born and what we do not yet know.  François now lives and works in London where he takes care of small patches of English-style urban gardens.

The spontaneity and lightness of transparent colour wash applied to delicate Chinese paper, combined with the repetitive and laborious methods of printing, give new and unique life to each engraving.  The large format of each print opens up the space, interrupted by gestural accents and lines that rise, descend, dig and move away, capturing all the vibrations of the wastelands and the gardens of François Pont – his landmarks in this vast world.

François Pont is particularly interested in traditional as well as experimental techniques of printmaking. He works on his own press in London, and in collaboration with Raymond Meyer, master printer and publisher of artist books in Switzerland, where his large scale prints are produced.

About François Pont: Born in Switzerland in 1957, François has lived in London since 1979 and studied at Chelsea, Byam Shaw and Camberwell, graduating with a Postgraduate Degree in Printmaking in 1989. He has had many solo exhibitions in London, Berlin and Switzerland, including at the Foundation Louis Moret in Martigny. His work is in the collections of the V&A Museum, St Thomas’s Hospital, Swiss National Print collection in Zurich, Cabinet des Estampes, Vevey and Art Museum of Valais, Sion.